June 4, 2012

Amazon Merchants Beware

I created an Amazon Merchant account so that I can sell all of my husband's college textbooks which he foolishly bought new and at full price from his school. (Because he didn't know to look up the textbooks required for the course in advance and purchase them online rather than letting the school provide them.)

I recouped anywhere from 25-50% of the original price, which is a lot better than letting them sit in a box in the attic until a newer edition is released and they're worth less than the price to ship them.

Yesterday,  I got an email from Amazon.com saying that I had a request for a return.

I thought: It's got to be that Astronomy for Idiots book I shipped out two weeks ago. They must not have been happy with the accuracy of my description of its condition. 

I was way wrong.

It's one of the students who bought one of the textbooks I shipped OVER FOUR MONTHS AGO. Reason provide for the return request: No longer wanted/needed.

Yeah buddy, you bought the books for the school term and now you're trying to get a refund by using the return policy? To add insult to injury, he paid $14.95with S/H  for a freaking "LIKE NEW" college book that I originally purchased for $60.

It took all of my self control to not  tell him how cheap he is.

I hope he leaves me a bad review, because then I get to go back to Amazon and have his account flagged for abuse because his requested return is even outside of Amazon's 90 day A to Z Guarantee.

It just makes me wonder how many of the super merchants automatically grant the refund because they're too busy to look up the dates or handle small claims like this. 


  1. Since it was outside of their return policy, you didn't have to refund his money, did you?

  2. Lol, I can't believe he tried to return it. Funny story, though probably not so funny to you.

  3. hulk-smash... hate people who abuse the system.

  4. Regardless of the time period involved, that is a breathtaking abuse of common sense!

  5. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I am. And appalled. Sorry that happened to you!

    In college, I knew a girl who "bought" a gown for a banquet, tucked the tags inside when she wore the gown, and then returned it afterwards. And she was wealthy so it wasn't even a money issue.

  6. What. A. Punk.

  7. The deals on the internet for college textbooks are amazing, I got all of my nursing books so cheap! Well at least you're getting some money back by selling them :) He'll know in the future!

  8. Yikes! Yes, students are cheap in theory. I wouldn't be surprised if a whole hurd of them did this. You should definitely have him flagged. I wouldn't have accepted the return either.

  9. Oh my word! Did he think you were a library or something?