May 1, 2014

Kiwi Loco is CLOSED

May 4th would have been the 2 year anniversary of our frozen yogurt store, Kiwi Loco. Sadly, we had to close our doors last month due to poor sales.

This has been a significant financial loss for me and my husband, though we are blessed that we are not in serious debt because of it and that my husband still has a good paycheck from his original employer. It just really sucks that it seems even if we try to sell the equipment/assets we might not even be able to recoup 30% of what we put into it.

Closing our doors would have been much more difficult and saddening if I didn't truly believe in my heart I did everything I could to make it work.  I have learned a hard lesson that the return business of advertising is only about 1% and sure enough... LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION.

So many of our customers were sad to hear we were closing and it always pained me to have the conversation with them because they'd all ask "Have you tried _____?"  More like, what didn't I try? And gee, if I knew what was wrong, I would have fixed it already! 

So, I encourage everyone to think of a locally owned business (or better, an indie bookstore) they have not been to in the last 4 months and to go spend some money there!