April 3, 2012

C is for Costco Chocolate Rabbits

Today's post is something my mom sent me as part of my Easter "care package."

Costco Wholesale
April 3, 2012
 To Customer Service:

I have a complaint about the Belfine chocolate bunnies I bought at Costco.

The product was advertised as two chocolate Easter rabbits, dark and milk, in a cage.

(BEFORE photograph)
I packed the cage well and shipped it to my daughter in Florida. When she received the package, she reports there were at least twelve more small chocolate rabbits in the cage, and the floor of the cage was littered with small chocolate pellets that smelled like…chocolate, but who could be sure?

(AFTER photograph)

Just wanted to let you know. Please DO NOT send me a replacement product. We have plenty of bunnies.


Mrs. Sharan Joyce

**And another one for my brother, who graduated from UC Berkeley**


  1. How flippin adorable! Love this.

  2. OMGosh! I want my chocolate to expand! Perfect timeing too!

  3. Hilarious! But really, self propagating chocolate? You'd be rich!

  4. This cracks me up!!! Yes indeed, I would think twice about those chocolate-smelling rabbit pellets!

  5. This is so funny! Chocolate bunny poop - yum! We had rabbits growing up, and we always said their poop looked like peppercorns. The chocolate version is much better!

    Best of luck with the A to Z challenge,

  6. That's cute. Greta little post. Yummy too!

  7. ROTFLMAO! That's awesome! I remember laughing when I saw the little reindeer they had at cosco with poop (jelly bean) pellets that dispensed from their tushes. This is much cuter. Great post!

    My C

  8. I want some of those bunnies! Like the goose that laid the golden egg, only they're bunnies. And, er, you EAT them. Yum.

  9. ROFL! But what I want to know is...what do they eat?

  10. hate chocolate, loves me some rabbits

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