April 10, 2012

I is for "I'm going to scream I'm so Infuriated."

I actually had a different topic planned for today, but because of an emergency circumstance yesterday, I'm changing it.

The back story is that my husband an I are opening a self-serve frozen yogurt and custard store. (I'm saving the details on this for the K-L days.)

I spoke with our contractor and the guy we ordered our restaurant equipment through and I thought we agreed he would ship the large refrigerators on the 9th so that they would arrive sometime after Wednesday.

Well... they arrived yesterday.

I absolutely was not expecting to have 2000 lbs worth of stuff to move in and they charge by the weight and there's an expensive re-delivery fee if they store the stuff a few more days. Plus we're the driver's last stop and he's just itching to get rid of these things and go home.

So I'm all by my 110-lb lonesome self and I have to suddenly get these fridges through the front door.

I call my husband and my friend and ask to borrow her husband. (Caroline, I am so watching your kids for a night and paying to send you to dinner with Carl!) My contractor is the best guy ever and even though it's his evening off, he comes back in to help at 6:00 when my husband and my friend's husband get off work.

By the way, here's the dimensions of these fridges:

Height: 79 1/8"
Width: 29 1/2"
Length:  78 1/8"
Weight: 615 lbs

The front door is 84 x 36. (Actual measurements 83 1/2 x 34) Too bad the castors for the fridges are  five inches tall.

I had to buy PVC pipe and cut it into 3 foot lengths. The guys then rolled the fridges off the pallets, through the front door, and we used my car jack to lift them high enough to put the wheels on.

That's when we get it to the next doorway (he one leading into the kitchen) and I realize that while I insisted the doorway be cut 7' like the front door--it's also still too short to wheel the fridges through. (BTW we have not one, but TWO of these fridges.)

So... since we're still in the dry wall stage, I think our contractor is going to just cut the header and make the door taller. Much less stress for everyone--except the dry wall guy.


  1. I want to scream for you. Opening a business is stressful all by itself and then this happens. That's awesome to be opening your business tho. And I love frozen yogurt. Can you ship me some!? You can even make it a day early. Hope everything else runs smoothly for you and best of luck! I'm excited for you!

  2. Wow! I'm so glad you were able to get the freezers inside. Did you have a good scream afterwards? Or at least a generous glass of Cabernet.

    Can't wait to hear all about your business. Wishing you tons of success!

  3. I can't imagine the stress! You'll be fine. You seem like a tough,know where you are going, kind of gal. :)Congrats on your new business.

  4. Wow, how frustrating! Cool about opening your own business, though. :D

  5. Delivery people have their own timeline it seems. But what a fun (stress-filled fun) endeavor for you and your husband!!!

  6. bless you, my child... So sorry to hear of all your stressful trouble, but glad to hear you have solved it with help from your friends... aren't friends wonderful? It is the stress that strengthens us, don't you know? Congrats on setting up a new business, though. Be thankful for problems because without them, we wouldn't know we are living. Best regards to you. Ruby

  7. Oh, man. Very appropriate word for today! Sorry for the stress, but I'm glad you guys survived.

  8. The doorway was too short - sounds like something that would happen to me.

  9. That definitely sounds infuriating!

    Congratulations on your business, though. :)

  10. wow. That would be so difficult. I'm glad that at least you are still in the drywall stage.

  11. Oh my gosh! Stressed much???


  12. oh my gosh, how stressful in the midst of excitement! hope it all turned out okay...

  13. Crazy! Though I guess being delivered early is a blessing. If the walls had been finished before delivery then it would have been a lot harder to fix the doorway. Good luck with it all.

  14. Wow! Those are monster fridges. It's always stressful hitting these little roadbumps while you're getting set up, but I'm sure it will be worthwhile in the end.

  15. HOLY MOLY!!!!
    thank goodness you have such an awesome contractor, hubby, and friends! but ARGH!!! at the delivery mess-up!
    best of luck with the yogurt! how fun!