November 16, 2012

Express Yourself

It's Express Yourself time!

This week's subject... 
post a pic of your work area, writing, cubicle, craft, etc. Then explain what it is that you do.

  This is my writing workspace. I like to sit cross legged on the cushions or I'll lean against the arm rests with my legs sprawled toward the corner. I change positions about every hour and the cat moves to wherever the laptop was sitting last. 

I spend the reset of my time at our yogurt store. My various activities revolve around making phone calls, coordinating networking events, graphic design for our Facebook page, and a very little bit of "sampling" the yogurts.  


  1. It's always fun to see where other people write. Your spot looks comfy, and I love that the cat wants the warm laptop spot.

  2. Smart cat! :D
    And your writing space looks cozy.
    At the yogurt store, I'd have a hard time staying away from the vanilla goodness.

  3. Your lounge looks warm and comfortable!

  4. Ooh sampling the yogurt, that sounds like a fun job! I love your writing area too, very laid back :)