March 31, 2013


Haven't blogged in FOREVER but am hoping to start again soon. 

I just moved within the last month and it has come to my attention that I own backpacking equipment and a sleeping bag, but no tent.

Went to Craigslist looking for a cheap tent and was inspired to write this post based on the exaggerations of what Coleman thinks qualifies as a "6 person tent". (Means 2 people, 1 midget, and their bags.) 

3-compartment tent, spacious, lots of fun for the whole family.
Great condition, downsizing 'cause our elephant retired.
Supersized tent, comes in sections. Create your own unique shape.
Allergy alert--this is not from a non-smoking home.

No delivery--you pick up. Sinai Desert.


  1. Yes, I know what you mean about "Sleeps X people", where X is an optimistic number based on optimal packing arrangements and no requirement to breathe.

  2. Wow. Good luck with that. We don't camp anymore but we used to love to do it.

  3. We have a tent that sleeps "6 to 8." Obviously, not 6 to 8 people--even if we keep all the luggage in the car.