January 19, 2012

Skinny Jeans

Over the Christmas break I read four books. (Yeah, I know that was last month.) Only one of them was actually on my “to read” list.

This is because when someone hands me a book and tells me it’s good and I should read it because I will love it, I feel obligated to put-off whatever I was about to read in order to see for myself.

Most of the time, the books are just "okay."

Now,  before everyone starts trolling me for being too harsh of a critic, ask yourself this:

Why yes, I am married to a NBA player.
Have you ever shopped for the following with a woman:

a)  swimsuit
b) evening dress
c) shoes
d) pants

Flat abs AND a flat chest.

I have high demands of the books I read, just like how I expect my swimming suit to give me the support of a bra with none of the padding. My shoes must make my feet look dainty but I have to be able to stand in them for at  least five hours. And an evening dress must transform me into a size two with an hourglass figure and cost under 160 dollars.

My first impression of a book’s jacket blurb rarely deviates from my opinion of a book by the time I finish it. In the following commercial, I relate most to the guy:

Yeah, he knew from the moment she held those pants up things weren’t looking pretty.

As for the most recent recommendation I've received... OBSIDIAN.

The hero is a "douchebag"--but that's easy enough for our heroine to ignore because he's got ripped abs, emerald green eyes, and poetic lips.

In clothing terms, I like to think of Daemon as a pair of skinny jeans. Sure they might look really good they look when paired with boots, but I personally refuse to spend money on something that makes my thighs look huge and which have to be peeled off at the end of the day.

 I am certainly not going to be someone to tell you that the book isn't worth reading or that anyone larger than a size 0 shouldn't be caught in these pants. I can only say that they're just not for me.

The "look" of skinny jeans VS. actual appearance of skinny jeans.