January 19, 2012

Skinny Jeans

Over the Christmas break I read four books. (Yeah, I know that was last month.) Only one of them was actually on my “to read” list.

This is because when someone hands me a book and tells me it’s good and I should read it because I will love it, I feel obligated to put-off whatever I was about to read in order to see for myself.

Most of the time, the books are just "okay."

Now,  before everyone starts trolling me for being too harsh of a critic, ask yourself this:

Why yes, I am married to a NBA player.
Have you ever shopped for the following with a woman:

a)  swimsuit
b) evening dress
c) shoes
d) pants

Flat abs AND a flat chest.

I have high demands of the books I read, just like how I expect my swimming suit to give me the support of a bra with none of the padding. My shoes must make my feet look dainty but I have to be able to stand in them for at  least five hours. And an evening dress must transform me into a size two with an hourglass figure and cost under 160 dollars.

My first impression of a book’s jacket blurb rarely deviates from my opinion of a book by the time I finish it. In the following commercial, I relate most to the guy:

Yeah, he knew from the moment she held those pants up things weren’t looking pretty.

As for the most recent recommendation I've received... OBSIDIAN.

The hero is a "douchebag"--but that's easy enough for our heroine to ignore because he's got ripped abs, emerald green eyes, and poetic lips.

In clothing terms, I like to think of Daemon as a pair of skinny jeans. Sure they might look really good they look when paired with boots, but I personally refuse to spend money on something that makes my thighs look huge and which have to be peeled off at the end of the day.

 I am certainly not going to be someone to tell you that the book isn't worth reading or that anyone larger than a size 0 shouldn't be caught in these pants. I can only say that they're just not for me.

The "look" of skinny jeans VS. actual appearance of skinny jeans.


  1. That one is on my TBR list. :( Also, I will pass on the skinny jeans. Even if I were skinny, there is no good that can be found in wearing them.

    1. Brinda, you may still enjoy it even if I didn't.This book has many five star reviews of people who did enjoy the button-pushing romance angle.

  2. Well, at least I don't have to add that book to my to-be-read pile, which is way too big. As for skinny jeans, uh, no thanks. The only thing worse than skinny jeans is jeggings--who thought of that?!?!

  3. Oh, those shoes make me cringe. And I used to dance on pointe too. Nice caption though. :)

  4. So nicely put! And I'm with you 100% with the skinny jeans thing. :)

  5. I've never worn skinny jeans . . . but I've come across books like that. :P

  6. That commercial always makes me laugh when it pops up on TV. That poor guy! At least his friends kept it real. :)

    Obsidian is on my TBR list. Hopefully I'll get to it soon!
    Skinny Jeans aren't on any list of mine. EVER. lol

  7. I love the realistic photos of skinny jeans on a REALISTIC model! Bring those trends down to earth, fashion gurus of the world! So funny we were both on the skinny jean train this week in our blogs! And I like the way YOU related them to this green-eyed "perfect" guy who isn't so perfect in the book.

  8. Hah! Awesome metaphor.
    And yeah, usually i give a "meh" to most books people tell me to read. It's just because i know my own tastes better than anyone else

  9. That poor guy. "Man down!" Bwaaaahhhhaaa.

  10. Those models on the left have guy hips. I've got a son who's 6' 5 1/2" who could get away with wearing them.

    Love your analogy to the book. Brilliant!

  11. ohmygoodness! that poor guy! thank goodness he had his phone (hey! the commercial worked!!!)

    those shoes are craziness! i can't even walk in like... i don't know... any kind of heel at all. sometimes i stumble in my sneakers! :)

    it's just so strange and cool how different tastes can be. i mean, just the other day i finished this one book. the writing was- just wow!- fabulous. i couldn't really see much of a fault with the plotting or the characters or... anything.
    but it didn't connect to me. and i really, really wanted to love it. but, you know, i didn't. i try to take a lot of reviews with a grain of salt, and try to find reviewers i agree with. but, like you say, it's just all crazy subjective.

    great analogy! and i'm super-stoked you joined our blogfest! looking forward to your entry! YAY!

  12. Oh, it's so true -- the 'look' of the skinny jeans vs the way they actually look when I get them on.. and similarly, sometimes I want someone's raving about a book to make it awesome, but I just can't quite get there.